wA: Bundesliga Quali 2.0

“Phew, I feel like I’m playing myself!” Exhausted, a dedicated player mother put the drumstick aside. Instead of letting herself be celebrated on Mother’s Day, she had previously frenetically cheered the Haunstetter A youth girls together with the other mothers (and of course fathers) on the second round of qualifying for the Youth League in summery Freiburg.

The qualifying started in the morning with the game against the Bavarian rival from HC Erlangen. After a brief palpation, the Haunstetter girls took the lead 2-0, and for a brief moment, a spark of hope sprang up that this time around they could beat the Franks, with whom they had already struggled in round 1, without success.

The sparkle had already gone out at halftime, but the Franks had hit ten times so far, while Haunstetten did not succeed in a single hit. 2:10 to the break, so the game was already decided. In the second half, our girls finally got into gear, proving that they too can play handball. Although they could never reduce the gap significantly, but it developed a racy slugfest, at the end of a deserved 23:10 victory for Erlangen stood.

wb TSV Haunstetten weibliche B Jugend

The board wanted it so that the Haunstetter girls had once again ran against the SG Schozach / Bottwartal ran to the preferred “endgame” for the 3rd place, which justified the whereabouts in the qualifier. After fast Haunstetter 1: 0 leadership dominated again the opponent. At the 5: 7 but finally burst the knot at Haunstetterinnen, and they sat down to a spectacular 6: 1 intermediate sprint for deserved 11: 8 half-time lead. “Do not give up the lead right away,” was the motto on Haunstetter’s side for halftime 2, but easier said than done. Not only had the opponent equalized within a very short time, but he also took the lead 16:14. Haunstetten counterbalanced once again, but then the wear of strength made itself felt dramatically, so that at the end of a bitter 19:21 defeat and the end of all Bundesliga hopes to book was.

For the last game against the tournament winner HSG Freiburg sent the coaching team Bohnet / Kubitza the least damaged players on the field and then changed cheerfully through, so that all players were used. They bravely opposed all but the physically superior hosts, but could not prevent the 17:31 defeat.

Nici Bohnet mourned at the end of the fact that her girls could not build on the performance shown in the Bayernliga qualifying still a week ago, while Marina Kubitza attested that the other teams were simply better.

For Haunstetten played: Pagani-Cesa, Schnitzler (Tor); Irmler (9), Ebert (3), Göbbel (2), Niebert (6/3), Kurtenbach (3), Girstenbrei, Schuster (3), Schnorr (3), Keskin (3), Smotzek (6), Hänsel (5), Knöpfle (3), Seitz


M1 match report: TSV Haunstetten – DjK Rimpar 2

Finally the first home win

In the third attempt the Bayernliga men of the TSV Haunstetten finally succeed the first home win of the season. With 29:20 (14: 8) the Bundesliga reserve of the DjK Rimpar is beaten.

After being back on the road to success in Landshut last week, they wanted to continue to score against Rimpar to build up a small cushion as quickly as possible to the dangerous table regions.

Haunstetten did offensive initially difficult. Above all, there was a lack of game joke to spoil the compact standing guest defense. However, they were also very sure on the defensive, so that the spectators initially offered a very scoreless game, which was characterized by technical errors and bad deals on both sides. Coach Rothfischer instructed his men to use more running play to get Rimpar’s defenses moving. This direction also produced immediately. Now the attacking game Augsburg worked much better. Again and again you came now on gaps on the half positions to successful degrees. Pleasing from Haunstetter point of view was that at the same time the good defensive play was not neglected, but the opponent continued not to develop at all. The 14: 8 half-time lead was the logical consequence.

After the break, the game was initially balanced. Although Rimpar was not able to reduce the gap, Haunstetten could not submit further. But then they succeeded from the middle of the second half, when the hosts tightened the pace again. Through a consistently consistent defense game and an extremely efficient opportunity evaluation was made clear in this phase that there was nothing for Rimpar on this day. At the latest at the score of 24:14 in the 50th minute it was clear who would leave this game in the end as the winner. And so the time went down until Moritz “Air” Müller flew through the Rimparer 6m circle after a fine Kempa-pass by Alex Horner and scored the much acclaimed last goal of the game.

All in all, you can be quite satisfied with the performance shown on Haunstetter page. Above all, the defensive was improved compared to the previous weeks and was able to hold the enemy finally at a low goal.

After two competing wins against opponents of the lower table region waiting in the form of away game at TSV Lohr next week, an extremely difficult task on the team to Captain Fischer. Because the team from the Lower Franconian Main-Spessart region has surprised with strong 9 counters so far. Not a few Lohr had rather expected the relegation battle, but instead the team of coach Becker is in third place and has close to the top duo from Erlangen and Bayreuth. Haunstetten is therefore warned, but does not have to hide. After all, you could win both games against TSV Lohr last season. “Although we are in the game this time as an underdog, we certainly do not go just to points to Lohr. We want to win, but we know that we have to show a very good performance for that, “Max Horner dared to predict.

TSV: Fischer, Rothfischer (goal); M. Horner (7); Shudows (4/3); A. Horner, Wiesner, Smotzek, Albrecht (3 each); Schnitzlein, Link (2 each); Müller, Singer (1 each)


M1 preliminary report: TSV Haunstetten TV Erlangen / Bruck

November 9, 2017 M1 Preview: TSV Haunstetten TV Erlangen / Bruck 2017-11-09T10: 17: 50 + 00: 00 1st Team Gentlemen

The league leader is coming

The Bayernliga handball players, who have recently regained their place in the home win against the reserve of DjK Rimpar and the draw away at TSV Lohr, expect an absolute Herculean task on the weekend; at 18.00 o’clock one meets in the domestic Albert Loderer hall on the table leader TV Erlangen Bruck.

The Central Franconian city has long been considered the handball stronghold of Bavaria. This is mainly due to the success of HC Erlangen, whose professional team is no longer one of the immediate candidates for relegation in the DKB Handball Bundesliga count. Likewise, the sovereign rise of the U23 of the HCE last season, as well as the current third place in the table in the 3rd League East, shows what handball potential in this region.

But while handball Bayern as spellbound looks at the results of the big HCE and cheers, as the only Bavarian representatives in Germany’s upper house to beat, developed in recent years, another Erlanger club secretly quiet and one of the top teams in Bavaria’s Eliteliga and Currently shows that you are much more than just a team of “discarded” former HCE players. The TV 61 Erlangen-Bruck – called “Brucklyn United” – impressively demonstrates in the current season that there is now a real top team matured together, which has the title and thus direct succession of the U23 of the HCE firmly in view , Based on a towering offensive that shoots their opponents out of the arena with an average of 34 goals per game, and led by Steffan Meyer, who leads the league’s top scorers by a considerable margin, the TVE plows through the season from the start but also before the big names of the league no stop.

TSV Haunstetten Handball Männer 1

“Erlangen-Bruck certainly had a grateful opening program at the beginning. They played early in the season against two of the three promoted and also had other opponents who are expected in the lower half of the table. But at the latest by the impressive victories against the “big players” from Friedberg and Waldbüttelbrunn, as well as the vertical starters of VfL Günzburg, they have impressively underlined their ambitions. By now, everyone should have realized that the title this season only on Erlangen-Bruck leads. And even if we are still early in the season, they have already managed to distance themselves from all teams – with the exception of Haspo Bayreuth. They are already separating 6 points from the third place in the table, “said co-coach Ebert impressed by the troop around coach Ben Ljevar. For veteran Markus Schaudt, however, the development “United’s” comes as little surprise: “Erlangen-Bruck has shown in recent years again and again that they have a really good force together. Especially her last year result (Anm.d.Red. 11th place 20:32 points) must therefore not be taken as a benchmark, because they got deducted a few points by the Association at the beginning of the season and at the end of the first player in team deducted the reserve to secure their league affiliation. Including these points, they would have been in league top last season. “



Addendum wA – Erlangen: A draw that feels like a defeat

November 27, 2016 Addendum wA – Erlangen: A draw that feels like a defeat 2016-11-27T20: 05: 14 + 00: 00 Youth , female A-youth

Spielbericht: wC- TSV Allach

The long away trip to Erlangen joined the wA again with decimated squad. Injury caused Betti Ebert, Seli Hopf and Leo Henkel. At the beginning of the game, the girls were still a little hesitant to work. Although the first goal of the game was still to Haunstetter, but the hostesses were not intimidated by it and took advantage of the initial uncertainty of the guests to 5: 2 pull away. However, the concentration and aggressiveness increased from minute to minute. Now the spectators got to see the playfully best phase of the team, so that they deserved a half-time break with 15:14.

In the second half you could not build on the security found towards the end of the first half. You played balls repeatedly on the feet, short passes went in or out of the opponents in the hands and quickly the Haunstetter back again. In the middle of the second half, the girls had then caught again and now followed an open exchange in which neither team could really extend the goal difference. Despite the questionable red card by Mina Smotzek shortly before the end of the game, the girls were able to score even less than the lead. Thanks to a good defense performance, the girls could indeed prevent a compensation strike by the Erlangerinnen, but then played too hastily and lost the ball already in front of the center line. This exploited the opponents promptly and scored in the very last second nor the equalizer to 26:26, so you had disappointed with only one point instead of two had to travel home.

They played: Pagani-Cesa C., Schnitzler, (goal) Joerss (7/2), Toth (5), Girstenbrei (4), Kurtenbach (3), Smotzek (2), Schnorr (2), Lechner (2) , Seitz (1), Schuster, Pagani-Cesa A.


MA draws in Gundelfingen

October 2, 2013 mA draws in Gundelfingen 2013-10-02T10: 26: 56 + 00: 00 All reports , youth , male A-youth

Point win thanks to strong second half

The mA youth had to play for the opening match of the season 2013/14 first time away in Gundelfingen. After a mixed preparation, the coach Daniel Fischer was not sure where the team is. Even if a player would sit on the bench was unclear. But unlike expected and despite finger injury (Horner) and congestion on the A8 could be mustered at least eight field players.

wb TSV Haunstetten weibliche B Jugend
Apparently, the men around defensive boss Klein were not quite awake at the beginning of the game and therefore they were fast 2-6 down. In the attack, one often acted too static and thus could not exert pressure on the opposing defense.

Even if there was a chance to score, they were not used in rows. Also, from a BHV training, later arrived Max Manz could not change it. After 5:10, the coach Fischer was forced to take the first time out. The short speech was effective and could be shortened quickly from an improved defense out to 8:11. But because of the persistent bad chance utilization one had to let the TVG pull up to half-time again on 6 goals.

“The guys motivated each other in the cabin and were willing to give up so easily,” the coach commented on the mood in the cabin. Although the aggressiveness in the defense increased and the willingness to run was increased in attack, it remained until 14:20 still 6 goals behind. Now a 7: 1 run has been started, also thanks to the goalkeeper Winter, who is getting better and better in the game. After the equalizer, even the first lead to 22:21 could be thrown out.

Until the end of the game it was always a back and forth, with the TSV repeatedly presented a goal. Three times the chance was given to draw 2 goals. However, one must be glad that the Donaustädter, in the last second at the score of 27:27, could not use their last counterattack. So ended the encounter with a just draw, although more could have been in there than a division of points.

One week, the team now has time to work on the indicated errors and to file at the already considerable motion sequences. On Sunday the 06.10.13 it comes then to an unusually early throw time for an A youth, at 11:00 clock against the TSV Landsberg.

Result: 27:27 (10:16)

Winter (Goal), Zieger, Manz (6), Klein (4/1), Salesch (4), Kuzmek (2), Hoeltl (3), Gruber (5), DeCarlo (3)

D1 Game report: TSV Haunstetten – TS Herzogenaurach

April 16, 2018 D1 Game report: TSV Haunstetten – TS Herzogenaurach 2018-04-16T16: 51: 37 + 00: 00 1st Team Ladies , All Reports

For the TSV Haunstetten, the goal is getting closer

After the 26:16 victory against Herzogenaurach is still a point game on the program. Another victory then is the TSV Haunstetten in the promotion relegation.

At the end of the penultimate day of the match, team spokeswoman Sabrina Duschner once more emphatically proclaimed the big goal, which the handball players of TSV Haunstetten are striving for, against the 300 or so home fans in the Albert-Loderer-Halle: “We hope to see you here in two weeks to see the relegation again – and then in the next season in the second league, “she said to the fans applause. Motivated and strengthened by the recently sealed 26:16 (12: 6) home win against TS Herzogenaurach, Haunstetterinnen feel ready for the decisive phase in the promotion battle.

Because before the last regular matchday of the season, the protégés of coach Herbert are leading the standings and now look forward to the showdown next weekend, where they can secure the championship in the third division South with a win at HSG Freiburg. This is followed by two relegation games. If they win these too, they would be back in League Two exactly one year after relegation.

Noble: “We are not stable enough yet”

“At first we did not know how this season would be going, after all, six players left us. But we are now on the penultimate round in the first place, “Duschner brought the favorable starting position to the point and reminded again of the new beginning in September 2017. After the descent, the team was in a change, younger players had to be held responsible. It all took time, but now works better and better. Nevertheless, coach makes Noble thought, if the resurgence may not come a bit early: “Of course we want to go up, so we do all the work. But we just are not stable enough yet. There are still so many performance fluctuations. Our last second league team was recorded over the years, “he warns against too much expectations.

The offensive lacks “a little steam”

However, he also admires how much his protégés have already matured and grown together in the current season. What they showed against Herzogenaurach sometimes impressively. At least from the moment they had finally cracked the guest defense with patient patience – in the last five minutes of the first half. “We were lucky that our goalkeeper Leni Frey got some good balls out at that point and then we got away,” said Vornehm. But lacked the coach in the offensive “a little steam”. But with increasing playing time the actions became more consistent and successful. “An overall good team performance,” praised Vornehm his team, which had a safe and valuable backing in goal in Magdalena Frey. “I know how difficult it is to fall behind. That’s why at every ball I pretend to hold it, so we can sit down, “she says, smiling:” I’m generally better for throws that come from below than for high ones. Fortunately, they threw a lot from below. ” So the goalkeeper could contribute their decisive share to the victory. And your outlook on the decisive game in Freiburg next week? “We will give everything, but hopefully not be too excited. We will fight as a team and see what comes out. “In the best case, the championship title and promotion.

TSV Haunstetten Frey, Schmidt; Bohnet (1) Smotzek, Horner (1), Niebert (2), Skalicanova, Duschner (5), Irmler (9/3), Hansel (3), Knöpfle (3), Schmid (2)


Male A-Youth: Started unsuccessful

With a 22:33 defeat, the newly formed male A-youth starts in the national league season 2014/2015.

wb TSV Haunstetten weibliche B Jugend

Already in the first half of our difficulties with the compact 6: 0 defense of the hosts indicates. However, we managed to convert the ball winnings into simple goals until the score of 6: 2, based on a mobile and aggressive defense by quick switching game. This advantage held until 10:10 compensation, as simple ball losses and hasty conclusions in attack by the Anzinger team were also exploited uncompromising. Thus, in the last minutes of the first half, an encounter developed at eye level and they separated with a 13:14 lag in the half-time break.

After discussing some tactical variants against the defensive defensive formation, it went into the second half. Unfortunately, we should not be able to connect to the hosts in the second game section. Although we acted more forcefully and tactically variable in the attack, but unfortunately we failed too often on the glossy Anzinger goalkeeper or at the entablature. Thus, the hosts could settle on a 24:16 until finally the final score of 33:22. Defensive boss Florian Gaedt summed up the second half of the game in typical footballing style. “If you do not do those things in front, do not be surprised if you catch the gates in the back.”

The coaching team was also a bit split after the match. “With the attacking game in the second half we can of course be only partially satisfied. The boys are getting good opportunities, but unfortunately we miss too often to reward ourselves for the work done and make the goal. And with the defense performance we can only be satisfied today in the initial minutes. 33 goals are definitely too much and on this screw we have to rectify in any case. Especially in terms of the required physicality in the defense game, we must quickly adapt to the national league handball. “

The next possibility is the derby next Sunday in Gundelfingen.

Christopher Kirn, Marcel Lubosch, Max Manz (4 goals), Simon Hütten (1 goal), Jonathan Lorenz (2 goals), Max Horner (6 goals), Matthias Hild (6 goals), Niclas Buck, Boran Peker (1 goal) , Raphael Jankrift, Florian Gaedt and Nico Weinhold


D2 match report: 1. FC Nuremberg – TSV Haunstetten

November 5, 2018 D2 Match report: 1. FC Nürnberg – TSV Haunstetten 2018-11-05T19: 11: 24 + 00: 00 2nd Team Ladies

They had gone to Nuremberg to defeat an old curse, the “we can not win here” curse. But in the end, the Nuremberg disenchanted the Haunstetter sorcerer apprentices with 32:28. How could this happen? Well, either because the Haunstetter coaching team gave the protégés Patronus not the hoped-for and desired effect unfolded or because the clubbers just wanted the victory that day more.

The game started little magic. Only three minutes later, the club was able to accommodate the ball for the first time in Haunstetter housing before shortly thereafter the 16-year-old Vanessa Heinrich shook the first of her nine goals to make it 2-0 from the left magic hand. Haunstetten responded with Lea Bosch who whirlwind through the opposing defense witch and scored the equalizer with two hits in a row. Kati Meier was one more on top of that and our girls took the lead 3: 2; a guide that should be the only one in this game. Up to 5: 5 equalized the attack efforts of both teams, but from this point on, the club was able to get into the limelight and determined from then on the game. Although our girls always kept within striking distance, a foul and very erratic handling of the round game device prevented the backlog from being compensated and turned into a hairstyling lead. Consequence: The clubbers took a break with a 14:11 lead.

The traveling fans in the stands hoped for improvement in the second half, but were disappointed. Five minutes after the restart, the 1.FCN had already expanded to six goals at 18:13 and they expected the catch-up that became common in such cases. When nine minutes later our girls shortened to 19:22 the Haunstetter scented again morning air. It developed in the last 15 minutes a fighting game in which our girls unfortunately did not manage to move closer than two hits to the club. Again and again, the Nuremberg girls managed to succeed with simple, but ultimately effective clearing over the outside positions or in easily won 1-1 duels against a much too bad Haunstetter defense. When Nürnberg scored the 26:31 in the 56th minute, the duel was decided. The wands of our girls had this time remained dull and you had to compete with a bitter, because unnecessary defeat the way back to Augsburg.

So it is now in the other lessons in the subject “defense against foreign powers” well noted, in order to avoid similar negative experiences in the future. Opportunity already presents itself next Saturday in the game against the next Franconian opponent from Bayreuth.

TSV: Callsen-Bracker (goal); Kubitza (5/4); Meier (4); Spatzenegger (1); Table Inger; Kurtenbach (3); Schnorr (3); Schalk; Hochmair (3); Bosch (3); Lechner (2); Smotzek (4).


D2 Game report: TSV Haunstetten – HaSpo Bayreuth

Ladies 2 vs. Haspo Bayreuth

Bayreuth games were announced last Saturday in the Albert Loderer sports hall in Haunstetten. For the Bayernliga doubles both the men and women received 2 the guests of Haspo Bayreuth. Unfortunately, it was Bayreuth Festival, as both guest teams triumphed in the end and took 4 (2 × 2) points to the festival city.

While it was in the men’s despite a convincing, combative performance rather a clear affair in favor of the guests, you could not say that in the women’s game necessarily. Although the guests abducted both points at the end with 30:28, as mentioned above, they had to work very, very hard. The game was up to 58th minute completely open when Kim Koppold for Bayreuth the last of their total of 10 hits to 29:27 marked. After 2 compensatory chances of our girls, this was the final decision.

In the first half of the third division relegated from Bayreuth tried to come especially with playful means to success, but failed again and again at the attentive Haunstetter cover or at their own imprecise game. As a result, our girls were able to make the game completely open and in the 25th minute even for the first time even with 3 goals in the lead. A surprise started. But Bayreuth, clever and experienced, was not impressed and struck back. Until the break, the leadership of our team was equalized and with 14:14 it went into halftime.

Apparently Bayreuth had taken the more effective pick-me-up in the cabin, because the guests came back waking and had grabbed the action until the 38th minute. 16:20 from the point of view of Haunstetter girls it stood at this time and the game had turned completely in comparison to the 25th minute. How would this 2: 9 run settle in the minds of our team? Simple answer: Not at all! The girls played unimpressed and had in the 45th minute at 22:22 the game balanced again. The last 15 minutes were now a fight on bending and breaking and between the former third division from Bayreuth and our climbers there was no difference in level. Haspo again took the lead with two goals, but Haunstetten countered and equalized again. Bayreuth presented by his 2 best players Koppold and Hellriegel again. But, as mentioned above, our team unfortunately could not counter this time; The post and the toe of the Bayreuth goalkeeper prevented the equalizer .. Thus, the guests came to a happy work victory, which they had not ultimately due to a playful superiority but more of their physical dominance.

Damen 2 Handball Haunstetten Mannschaft

Our ladies deserve a praise for their performance. The troupe must not be afraid after this defeat. They proved once again in this game with an unbelievable morale that they can absolutely keep up with the top teams of the Bayernliga. Next weekend our girls in the neighborhood duel in Mintraching / Neutraubling will have the opportunity to make up some lost ground.

Callsen-Bracker; Frey; Kubitza (6/3); Meier (3); Spatzenegger (2); Table Inger; Kurtenbach (1), Schnorr; Schalk (2); Drasovean (2); Bosch (4); Girstenbrei (2); Lechner (2); Smotzek (4);


M1 Game Report: DjK Waldb├╝ttelbrunn – TSV Haunstetten

Seconds are missing for the coup

The Bayernligamännern of TSV Haunstetten succeeds in the favored DjK Waldbüttelbrunn almost the surprising Punktgewinn.Am end only seconds to compensate.

Haunstetten had to cope with several personal setbacks before the difficult away game in Lower Franconia. In addition to the long-term injured Moritz Müller and Lukas Rembold defender Johannes Wiesner and veteran Markus Schaudt fell injured. Furthermore, Anselm Walker had to fit due to the study. The two adolescents Felix Besel and Joseph Kienle slipped into the squad for this; anticipated one can say that both made their thing excellent that evening.

The game started balanced at first. Haunstetten struggled with the host’s tall runner, but could in turn shine with a moving offense and a sure win. But after fifteen minutes, unusual mistakes crept into the Augsburg game; Mistakes that Waldbüttelbrunn used in the style of a top team and gradually screwed up the lead. It was 8:15 in the 23rd minute and everyone started from an unspectacular but secure victory for second-placed Bayernliga. But Haunstetten fought back and ran until half-time first result cosmetics (12:16).

For the right showdown, the game then but only after the break. The guests sensed that Waldbüttelbrunn was vulnerable on that day and that was something they wanted to use to be able to take countables for the first time in years. Haunstetten initially set off like the fire department. Quick was at 14:16 made the connection, which was the TSVH in the episode no longer demolished. Unfortunately, it was not possible to bring the now unsettled acting case to case. The compensation needed for this simply did not fall. On the contrary; At the interim 23:28 (52nd minute) everything looked like a safe victory Waldbüttelbrunns, but Haunstetten was still not up and fought safe again. In the 59th minute then the renewed connecting goal by Max Schnitzlein. The hosts tried to play the time from the clock, but failed with their throw attempt just under 15 seconds before the end. Haunstetten hurried again quickly, but you could not make a reasonable conclusion more. Bitter disappointed you had to congratulate the opponent to a close 28:29 victory.

“We have not been as close to a point win in Waldbüttelbrunn for many years as we are today,” said Alex Rothfischer after the game, adding: “In the end we deserved a point because of our fight, even though we had the whole thing Time were equal. In the middle of the first half we made a few mistakes too much in the end. “Co-coach Ebert also saw it this way:” Waldbüttelbrunn underestimated us immensely today. That would almost have gone for her pants. We may be satisfied with the performance and the effort shown, but we must be annoyed at the inexplicable foolishness and concentration errors at halftime. We were playfully not a little worse, but suddenly with 7 goals behind. Then it will be away against every team, especially against a top team like Waldbüttelbrunn, difficult to impossible. Too bad, because there was more in there today than we had hoped for before. ”
The team can and should do better in two weeks. Then you expect at home the guest of the newly formed club HT Munich (formerly TSV Unterhaching). The Munich are currently with 6 points and a game less directly behind Haunstetten. That this remains so must be the goal.

TSV Haunstetten Handball Männer 1

TSV: Rothfischer, Fischer (Tor); Schnitzlein, Zimmerly (5 each); Smotzek (4/4); Jankrift, Singer (4 each); Besel, Kienle, Manz (2 each); Buck, Gaedt