D2 Game report: TSV Haunstetten – HaSpo Bayreuth

Ladies 2 vs. Haspo Bayreuth

Bayreuth games were announced last Saturday in the Albert Loderer sports hall in Haunstetten. For the Bayernliga doubles both the men and women received 2 the guests of Haspo Bayreuth. Unfortunately, it was Bayreuth Festival, as both guest teams triumphed in the end and took 4 (2 × 2) points to the festival city.

While it was in the men’s despite a convincing, combative performance rather a clear affair in favor of the guests, you could not say that in the women’s game necessarily. Although the guests abducted both points at the end with 30:28, as mentioned above, they had to work very, very hard. The game was up to 58th minute completely open when Kim Koppold for Bayreuth the last of their total of 10 hits to 29:27 marked. After 2 compensatory chances of our girls, this was the final decision.

In the first half of the third division relegated from Bayreuth tried to come especially with playful means to success, but failed again and again at the attentive Haunstetter cover or at their own imprecise game. As a result, our girls were able to make the game completely open and in the 25th minute even for the first time even with 3 goals in the lead. A surprise started. But Bayreuth, clever and experienced, was not impressed and struck back. Until the break, the leadership of our team was equalized and with 14:14 it went into halftime.

Apparently Bayreuth had taken the more effective pick-me-up in the cabin, because the guests came back waking and had grabbed the action until the 38th minute. 16:20 from the point of view of Haunstetter girls it stood at this time and the game had turned completely in comparison to the 25th minute. How would this 2: 9 run settle in the minds of our team? Simple answer: Not at all! The girls played unimpressed and had in the 45th minute at 22:22 the game balanced again. The last 15 minutes were now a fight on bending and breaking and between the former third division from Bayreuth and our climbers there was no difference in level. Haspo again took the lead with two goals, but Haunstetten countered and equalized again. Bayreuth presented by his 2 best players Koppold and Hellriegel again. But, as mentioned above, our team unfortunately could not counter this time; The post and the toe of the Bayreuth goalkeeper prevented the equalizer .. Thus, the guests came to a happy work victory, which they had not ultimately due to a playful superiority but more of their physical dominance.

Damen 2 Handball Haunstetten Mannschaft

Our ladies deserve a praise for their performance. The troupe must not be afraid after this defeat. They proved once again in this game with an unbelievable morale that they can absolutely keep up with the top teams of the Bayernliga. Next weekend our girls in the neighborhood duel in Mintraching / Neutraubling will have the opportunity to make up some lost ground.

Callsen-Bracker; Frey; Kubitza (6/3); Meier (3); Spatzenegger (2); Table Inger; Kurtenbach (1), Schnorr; Schalk (2); Drasovean (2); Bosch (4); Girstenbrei (2); Lechner (2); Smotzek (4);