M1 Game Report: DjK Waldb├╝ttelbrunn – TSV Haunstetten

Seconds are missing for the coup

The Bayernligamännern of TSV Haunstetten succeeds in the favored DjK Waldbüttelbrunn almost the surprising Punktgewinn.Am end only seconds to compensate.

Haunstetten had to cope with several personal setbacks before the difficult away game in Lower Franconia. In addition to the long-term injured Moritz Müller and Lukas Rembold defender Johannes Wiesner and veteran Markus Schaudt fell injured. Furthermore, Anselm Walker had to fit due to the study. The two adolescents Felix Besel and Joseph Kienle slipped into the squad for this; anticipated one can say that both made their thing excellent that evening.

The game started balanced at first. Haunstetten struggled with the host’s tall runner, but could in turn shine with a moving offense and a sure win. But after fifteen minutes, unusual mistakes crept into the Augsburg game; Mistakes that Waldbüttelbrunn used in the style of a top team and gradually screwed up the lead. It was 8:15 in the 23rd minute and everyone started from an unspectacular but secure victory for second-placed Bayernliga. But Haunstetten fought back and ran until half-time first result cosmetics (12:16).

For the right showdown, the game then but only after the break. The guests sensed that Waldbüttelbrunn was vulnerable on that day and that was something they wanted to use to be able to take countables for the first time in years. Haunstetten initially set off like the fire department. Quick was at 14:16 made the connection, which was the TSVH in the episode no longer demolished. Unfortunately, it was not possible to bring the now unsettled acting case to case. The compensation needed for this simply did not fall. On the contrary; At the interim 23:28 (52nd minute) everything looked like a safe victory Waldbüttelbrunns, but Haunstetten was still not up and fought safe again. In the 59th minute then the renewed connecting goal by Max Schnitzlein. The hosts tried to play the time from the clock, but failed with their throw attempt just under 15 seconds before the end. Haunstetten hurried again quickly, but you could not make a reasonable conclusion more. Bitter disappointed you had to congratulate the opponent to a close 28:29 victory.

“We have not been as close to a point win in Waldbüttelbrunn for many years as we are today,” said Alex Rothfischer after the game, adding: “In the end we deserved a point because of our fight, even though we had the whole thing Time were equal. In the middle of the first half we made a few mistakes too much in the end. “Co-coach Ebert also saw it this way:” Waldbüttelbrunn underestimated us immensely today. That would almost have gone for her pants. We may be satisfied with the performance and the effort shown, but we must be annoyed at the inexplicable foolishness and concentration errors at halftime. We were playfully not a little worse, but suddenly with 7 goals behind. Then it will be away against every team, especially against a top team like Waldbüttelbrunn, difficult to impossible. Too bad, because there was more in there today than we had hoped for before. ”
The team can and should do better in two weeks. Then you expect at home the guest of the newly formed club HT Munich (formerly TSV Unterhaching). The Munich are currently with 6 points and a game less directly behind Haunstetten. That this remains so must be the goal.

TSV Haunstetten Handball Männer 1

TSV: Rothfischer, Fischer (Tor); Schnitzlein, Zimmerly (5 each); Smotzek (4/4); Jankrift, Singer (4 each); Besel, Kienle, Manz (2 each); Buck, Gaedt