M1 match report: TSV Haunstetten – DjK Rimpar 2

Finally the first home win

In the third attempt the Bayernliga men of the TSV Haunstetten finally succeed the first home win of the season. With 29:20 (14: 8) the Bundesliga reserve of the DjK Rimpar is beaten.

After being back on the road to success in Landshut last week, they wanted to continue to score against Rimpar to build up a small cushion as quickly as possible to the dangerous table regions.

Haunstetten did offensive initially difficult. Above all, there was a lack of game joke to spoil the compact standing guest defense. However, they were also very sure on the defensive, so that the spectators initially offered a very scoreless game, which was characterized by technical errors and bad deals on both sides. Coach Rothfischer instructed his men to use more running play to get Rimpar’s defenses moving. This direction also produced immediately. Now the attacking game Augsburg worked much better. Again and again you came now on gaps on the half positions to successful degrees. Pleasing from Haunstetter point of view was that at the same time the good defensive play was not neglected, but the opponent continued not to develop at all. The 14: 8 half-time lead was the logical consequence.

After the break, the game was initially balanced. Although Rimpar was not able to reduce the gap, Haunstetten could not submit further. But then they succeeded from the middle of the second half, when the hosts tightened the pace again. Through a consistently consistent defense game and an extremely efficient opportunity evaluation was made clear in this phase that there was nothing for Rimpar on this day. At the latest at the score of 24:14 in the 50th minute it was clear who would leave this game in the end as the winner. And so the time went down until Moritz “Air” Müller flew through the Rimparer 6m circle after a fine Kempa-pass by Alex Horner and scored the much acclaimed last goal of the game.

All in all, you can be quite satisfied with the performance shown on Haunstetter page. Above all, the defensive was improved compared to the previous weeks and was able to hold the enemy finally at a low goal.

After two competing wins against opponents of the lower table region waiting in the form of away game at TSV Lohr next week, an extremely difficult task on the team to Captain Fischer. Because the team from the Lower Franconian Main-Spessart region has surprised with strong 9 counters so far. Not a few Lohr had rather expected the relegation battle, but instead the team of coach Becker is in third place and has close to the top duo from Erlangen and Bayreuth. Haunstetten is therefore warned, but does not have to hide. After all, you could win both games against TSV Lohr last season. “Although we are in the game this time as an underdog, we certainly do not go just to points to Lohr. We want to win, but we know that we have to show a very good performance for that, “Max Horner dared to predict.

TSV: Fischer, Rothfischer (goal); M. Horner (7); Shudows (4/3); A. Horner, Wiesner, Smotzek, Albrecht (3 each); Schnitzlein, Link (2 each); Müller, Singer (1 each)