MA draws in Gundelfingen

October 2, 2013 mA draws in Gundelfingen 2013-10-02T10: 26: 56 + 00: 00 All reports , youth , male A-youth

Point win thanks to strong second half

The mA youth had to play for the opening match of the season 2013/14 first time away in Gundelfingen. After a mixed preparation, the coach Daniel Fischer was not sure where the team is. Even if a player would sit on the bench was unclear. But unlike expected and despite finger injury (Horner) and congestion on the A8 could be mustered at least eight field players.

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Apparently, the men around defensive boss Klein were not quite awake at the beginning of the game and therefore they were fast 2-6 down. In the attack, one often acted too static and thus could not exert pressure on the opposing defense.

Even if there was a chance to score, they were not used in rows. Also, from a BHV training, later arrived Max Manz could not change it. After 5:10, the coach Fischer was forced to take the first time out. The short speech was effective and could be shortened quickly from an improved defense out to 8:11. But because of the persistent bad chance utilization one had to let the TVG pull up to half-time again on 6 goals.

“The guys motivated each other in the cabin and were willing to give up so easily,” the coach commented on the mood in the cabin. Although the aggressiveness in the defense increased and the willingness to run was increased in attack, it remained until 14:20 still 6 goals behind. Now a 7: 1 run has been started, also thanks to the goalkeeper Winter, who is getting better and better in the game. After the equalizer, even the first lead to 22:21 could be thrown out.

Until the end of the game it was always a back and forth, with the TSV repeatedly presented a goal. Three times the chance was given to draw 2 goals. However, one must be glad that the Donaustädter, in the last second at the score of 27:27, could not use their last counterattack. So ended the encounter with a just draw, although more could have been in there than a division of points.

One week, the team now has time to work on the indicated errors and to file at the already considerable motion sequences. On Sunday the 06.10.13 it comes then to an unusually early throw time for an A youth, at 11:00 clock against the TSV Landsberg.

Result: 27:27 (10:16)

Winter (Goal), Zieger, Manz (6), Klein (4/1), Salesch (4), Kuzmek (2), Hoeltl (3), Gruber (5), DeCarlo (3)