Male A-Youth: Started unsuccessful

With a 22:33 defeat, the newly formed male A-youth starts in the national league season 2014/2015.

wb TSV Haunstetten weibliche B Jugend

Already in the first half of our difficulties with the compact 6: 0 defense of the hosts indicates. However, we managed to convert the ball winnings into simple goals until the score of 6: 2, based on a mobile and aggressive defense by quick switching game. This advantage held until 10:10 compensation, as simple ball losses and hasty conclusions in attack by the Anzinger team were also exploited uncompromising. Thus, in the last minutes of the first half, an encounter developed at eye level and they separated with a 13:14 lag in the half-time break.

After discussing some tactical variants against the defensive defensive formation, it went into the second half. Unfortunately, we should not be able to connect to the hosts in the second game section. Although we acted more forcefully and tactically variable in the attack, but unfortunately we failed too often on the glossy Anzinger goalkeeper or at the entablature. Thus, the hosts could settle on a 24:16 until finally the final score of 33:22. Defensive boss Florian Gaedt summed up the second half of the game in typical footballing style. “If you do not do those things in front, do not be surprised if you catch the gates in the back.”

The coaching team was also a bit split after the match. “With the attacking game in the second half we can of course be only partially satisfied. The boys are getting good opportunities, but unfortunately we miss too often to reward ourselves for the work done and make the goal. And with the defense performance we can only be satisfied today in the initial minutes. 33 goals are definitely too much and on this screw we have to rectify in any case. Especially in terms of the required physicality in the defense game, we must quickly adapt to the national league handball. “

The next possibility is the derby next Sunday in Gundelfingen.

Christopher Kirn, Marcel Lubosch, Max Manz (4 goals), Simon Hütten (1 goal), Jonathan Lorenz (2 goals), Max Horner (6 goals), Matthias Hild (6 goals), Niclas Buck, Boran Peker (1 goal) , Raphael Jankrift, Florian Gaedt and Nico Weinhold