The purchase of credit loans without supporting documents is possible?


Credit institutions ask for no or very little proof, especially in the context of a revolving credit or a personal loan, thus making it easier for borrowers to apply. Is this principle the same with respect to the grouping of loans? credits? Response elements. Criticism at


Group your credits without providing proof


The receipts are systematic in most applications for credit and loan consolidation but this clearly slow down the steps of a borrower who wants to reduce the amount of his monthly payments. These documents serve mainly to justify to the lender the situation of the household which has already made an online declaration by means of a suitable form.

It should be understood that these credentials can be a frustration and annoyance for borrowers who have already filled out a form and who must then be justified a second time by sending documents. What is more, it is still missing a document or if the lender does not do the necessary quickly, he asks for new evidence to the household.


The repurchase of loans without any document

The repurchase of loan

What is practical with the web now is that it is possible to perform procedures without providing any evidence. This is especially with the grouping of loans without bank statements, the borrower can fill out an application and get a first estimate without providing a single paper. He can even select between several offers the best and preview the amount of his future monthly payment. He is not obliged to provide the documents to obtain these estimates and it clearly facilitates the process.

On the other hand, the receipts for which the bank accounts will be necessary to obtain the funds, the edition of the loan consolidation contract will be based on the supporting documents and therefore the borrower will have to supply them at this step obligatorily, before he will not be constrained to do.

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