wA: Bundesliga Quali 2.0

“Phew, I feel like I’m playing myself!” Exhausted, a dedicated player mother put the drumstick aside. Instead of letting herself be celebrated on Mother’s Day, she had previously frenetically cheered the Haunstetter A youth girls together with the other mothers (and of course fathers) on the second round of qualifying for the Youth League in summery Freiburg.

The qualifying started in the morning with the game against the Bavarian rival from HC Erlangen. After a brief palpation, the Haunstetter girls took the lead 2-0, and for a brief moment, a spark of hope sprang up that this time around they could beat the Franks, with whom they had already struggled in round 1, without success.

The sparkle had already gone out at halftime, but the Franks had hit ten times so far, while Haunstetten did not succeed in a single hit. 2:10 to the break, so the game was already decided. In the second half, our girls finally got into gear, proving that they too can play handball. Although they could never reduce the gap significantly, but it developed a racy slugfest, at the end of a deserved 23:10 victory for Erlangen stood.

wb TSV Haunstetten weibliche B Jugend

The board wanted it so that the Haunstetter girls had once again ran against the SG Schozach / Bottwartal ran to the preferred “endgame” for the 3rd place, which justified the whereabouts in the qualifier. After fast Haunstetter 1: 0 leadership dominated again the opponent. At the 5: 7 but finally burst the knot at Haunstetterinnen, and they sat down to a spectacular 6: 1 intermediate sprint for deserved 11: 8 half-time lead. “Do not give up the lead right away,” was the motto on Haunstetter’s side for halftime 2, but easier said than done. Not only had the opponent equalized within a very short time, but he also took the lead 16:14. Haunstetten counterbalanced once again, but then the wear of strength made itself felt dramatically, so that at the end of a bitter 19:21 defeat and the end of all Bundesliga hopes to book was.

For the last game against the tournament winner HSG Freiburg sent the coaching team Bohnet / Kubitza the least damaged players on the field and then changed cheerfully through, so that all players were used. They bravely opposed all but the physically superior hosts, but could not prevent the 17:31 defeat.

Nici Bohnet mourned at the end of the fact that her girls could not build on the performance shown in the Bayernliga qualifying still a week ago, while Marina Kubitza attested that the other teams were simply better.

For Haunstetten played: Pagani-Cesa, Schnitzler (Tor); Irmler (9), Ebert (3), Göbbel (2), Niebert (6/3), Kurtenbach (3), Girstenbrei, Schuster (3), Schnorr (3), Keskin (3), Smotzek (6), Hänsel (5), Knöpfle (3), Seitz